A family ate just organic food for two weeks and the results were surprising! (Video)  

Have you ever wondered whether it really makes a difference if you eat organic food? Yes, the arguments sound good and you try and buy as much organically produced foods as you can but sometimes you wonder if it really does make a difference. 

For just two weeks, one brave Swedish family agreed to be guinea pigs for a study conducted by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute. As a large family (2 adults and 3 children), they typically…

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"Nurse Cat" Comforts Injured Shelter Animals 

Meet Rademenes the "nurse cat." He may look like your run-of-the-mill feline, but he is actually quite special.

He lives in a Polish animal shelter, where he is known for his unique task of comforting sick, injured and post-op animals. The survival of a serious illness himself, Rademenes has the intuitive ability to sense which animals are the most in need. 

He cuddles, spoons, massages and grooms the weak shelter animals, apparently focusing on cats…Read more

You Won't Believe What a Little Coconut Oil Can Do!  

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You may have already heard that coconut oil is a superfood, but first off, what exactly is a "superfood"? and secondly, what makes coconut oil such a popular one? The Oxford Dictionary's definition of a superfood is “a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.” With its unique health benefits, thanks to an abundance of…Read more

This Week's Solar Eclipse to Coincide with Spring Equinox and Supermoon 

This week, on Friday, March 20th, a total solar eclipse will take place over Europe, visible as a partial eclipse in much of the continent. With reductions in sunlight varying from 84% in London to an extraordinary 94% in Northern Scotland, it will be the largest partial eclipse to be seen in Great Britain since the year 1999. Many umbraphiles (or eclipse lovers) in Europe are preparing to travel north to Norway and the Faroe Islands, where the…Read more