What's Our Story?

Every day we wake up and walk on the earth's surface. In the blink of an eye, the sky changes, plants push their way to the surface or are blown to seed by snow or wind. Birds rustle their wings, surveying the scene from their perches, fish swim, babies cry, grannies sigh. All around this blue and green globe, life and death happen and everything in between. And night gives way to day, and again we go. 

How are we walking upon the earth, using our precious breath and unknown number of allotted steps? Do we stop a moment to wonder, to take in and choose how we walk, and act? 

This website offers a place to pause, revel and immerse yourself in the beauty and bounty of the natural world. A place to become inspired to steward the land, and honor everything the earth offers to nourish all creatures under her vast and generous skies.

Here you will also find resources that celebrate the earth's wisdom traditions, music that celebrates both ancient and modern sounds and resonates with our essential human nature, which we believe is full of joy, hope and the ability to walk and act in harmony with Mother Earth.

About Us
Inner Splendor Media is known for simple, unvarnished recordings that actually work to help you relax, sleep and meditate. We believe that all you need to reclaim these natural states within you are the basics.

Our library of over 150 titles is divided into collections that focus on different pathways for accessing the inner worlds: Music for Deep Sleep, Music for Deep Meditation, and Music for Deep Relaxation.

We work with seasoned musicians and well-respected teachers known not only for their technical artistry and integrity but for their passion for creating connection through the power and magic of their disciplines. Each of our albums are lovingly produced with the utmost attention and care from selecting the music to recording to mixing and packaging the final tracks.

Inner Splendor Media was founded in 2006 by Vidura Barrios out of his desire to provide simple tools for connecting to the peace that exists inside each of us.